Lima Devi 


I am committed

to support you

to fulfill your highest potential 
Love in the deepest way

with peace in your heart

To share unconditional love and 

Silence back to this scattered world

The deepest knowing without words

Trust and healing to those who dwell in Spirit

Share the biggest pleasure to those who feel deprived

Support the energy of the Divine Feminine back into this world

Healing ancestral wounds
to all who are open to receive the gifts i bring

Invite you to reconnect with the Divine Infinite

and to become the Creator of Life


Back to the state of deep trust in your capacity to change fear into love

Create a community where we look at each other

through the eyes of the Goddess

Seeing the beauty and potential in all living creation

 o awaken awareness that the world is waiting for you

We are Divine Infinite Beings

Dragonfly Medicine Woman Profound EarthWisdom &
Cosmic Light Worker