Dear LilithMagdalena, so on this last day of 2016 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my being, my heart and I as a woman for the massages, combined with the shamanic healings that I have received from you in the past year. It is precisely through this combination that I have been able to surrender myself to this ritual and have progressed so much further in the deepening to myself. The safety, partly because you give this massage mainly to women, your wisdom as a shaman and your unconditional love in the process I have experienced as a great gift and I wish this to myself and everyone else. "

Greetings from my heart

Antoinette Heijmans, Oosterbeek

LilithMagdalena, what a fine, serene energy she has. I met her during The Art of Feminine Presence. My attention was drawn to the way she was present. A special appearance. What struggle there was, she possesses the art of allowing in all its aspects. I feel so at ease with her, so that I immediately said yes when I heard that she would organize a cycle of healing sweatlodges for women this year. She sees without looking, she hears without being spoken to. She knows it from the inside out. It is a special woman that I warmly recommend to every other woman. Dear LilithMagdalena, you are the embodiment of what I experience as Close2Nature.

Karina Stelloo, Lochem

The massage treatment by LilithMagdalena is very loving, super healing and works very deep in your body. Everything can be seen and felt without judgment. Partly because of the feeling of being safe and being cherished, old pains can emerge, be felt and be released from your system, which gives a lot of space in all areas. Partly because of the nurturing of the physical contact during the massage, I could completely surrender myself to the loving warm massage and come deep within myself.

B.L from Gouda


Last Saturday I attended a sweat lodge ceremony for the first time. A special ritual with beautiful women was created on the remote wide area of ​​the Achterhoek in eastern Netherlands. Pure beauty really comes from within. Recognizing the essence, surrendering to the larger whole. Discovering the primal force and feeling supported in everything by the sense of unity. The power and at the same time oppression of the woman are stoked by the heat of the fire. With respect for nature, the primal forces, the ritual, everything that lives, grows and thrives. It has touched and caught me. A must for every woman who wants to feel that she lives in every dimension. Meet Lilith Magdalena and join us in the stream to the end that also turns out to be the beginning.


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