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Very valuable and inspiring to me. If you have the opportunity to participate, I can really recommend it. The Biodanza & Sjamanisme Weekend is going to be a wonderful weekend and I know LilithMagdalena as someone who can put this down and guide it in a beautiful way. She creates like no other a very nice, warm, safe bed in which your process can have the space in contact with all elements! .


Last year in October I decided to join the annual group at Lima LilithMagdalena. I am so happy that I made this decision. I did not yet know where this journey would lead me. And what a trip it was! Yesterday on Liberation Day we danced our last liberating day together! I feel deeply grateful for what I was able to experience, receive and also let go in this wonderful process. Time and time again it was magical how seamlessly my process fitted in with what LilithMagdalena took us into. The bed she created made it possible for me to step in completely. What a gift! So intensely grateful also for the connection I felt with people in the group. It was certainly not easy to go for it every time, to be vulnerable and to see and receive each other in this. It has greatly supported me in the life processes that I have gone through in recent months. A new stream has really opened up in me, I have found keys that have opened new ports and opened the connection with my ancestors. To discover that gives me enormous strength, support and deep faith in life. I can feel my place in the whole again. So grateful dear LilithMagdalena for the great love, wisdom, intuition and seamless attunement with which you brought us into this.


In the fall of 2017 I started with biodanza and when I look at my inner world I have released a lot of old wounds and experienced new inner gifts.

In the beginning I had a lot of resistance and it seemed that everything at the same time revealed itself to old wounds in dancing together with the other and with myself. All I could do was experience, acknowledge and accept that I had these wounds. Thanks to sharing with Lilith Magdalena I gained insight into how my inner world functioned and by giving myself more love and indicating what I needed from the group, I was able to let it go little by little. Now I am very different in my life, I feel more free on the inside and of course I am still touched but can handle it and deal with it much better.

If you want to retreat for a moment to unwind or come to yourself again, this is always possible.

There is also a round of the Heart where everything can be shared. In dancing I really came home to myself and that is actually the biggest gift I could give myself.


Dear Lilith Magdalena, on this last day of 2016 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my being, my heart and I as a woman for the massages, combined with the shamanic healings I received from you in the past year .


It is precisely because of this combination that I have been able to surrender to this ritual and have progressed so much further in the deepening to myself. The safety, partly because you only give this massage for women, your wisdom as a shaman, your unconditional love in the process I have experienced as a great gift and I wish myself and everyone else.


Heart greetings

Antoinette Heijmans, Oosterbeek


"Safe, loving, warm, complete, full, worn, cherished, seen, touched, surrendered ... These are the words that fit me for the Shamanic Holistic massage from LilithMagdalena.


I felt that my little vulnerable girl; that girl who wanted to be seen and cherished really needed some attention. I also knew immediately that I wanted to receive a massage from LilithMagdalena.


The combination of soft, loving caresses in full presence where every millimeter of my body and soul was seen and touched with the shamanic healing through sound, singing, sound, made me able to relax completely, let everything be and completely sink into my femininity, my gentleness and vulnerability. The complete loving presence of LilithMagdalena makes surrender possible ... how nice !!!


We have embarked on a wonderful, intimate process together and I can recommend it to any woman who feels that she can be seen and touched in everything, in all her rawness, nudity, vulnerability, those who want to enter into a process of deep connection with BEING or restore ...

SvS, Jan 2017

LilithMagdalena, wat een fijne, serene energie heeft ze.

Ik leerde haar kennen tijdens The Art of Feminine Presence. Steeds werd mijn aandacht getrokken naar de wijze waarop ze aanwezig was. Een bijzondere verschijning. 

Welke worsteling er ook was, ze bezit de kunst van het toelaten in al zijn aspecten.

Ik voel me bij haar zo enorm op mijn gemak, zo gezien, dat ik meteen ja zei toen ik hoorde dat ze dit jaar een cyclus healingzweethut ceremonies voor vrouwen zou gaan organiseren.

Ze ziet zonder te kijken, ze hoort zonder dat er gesproken wordt. Ze weet het van binnen uit.

Het is een bijzondere vrouw die ik elke andere vrouw van harte aanbeveel. Lieve LilithMagdalena, jij bent de belichaming van wat ik als Close2Nature ervaar.

Karina Stelloo, Lochem

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