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Deep Integration Bodywork / Massage and intimacy coaching

opens the gateway to your heart and soul through the body


I give Shamanic Holistic massages and Soft Touch De-armoring inspired by the Gaia Method, but also relaxation massages.

I often work therapeutically with women in the field of intimacy.

After consultation and, if appropriate, also with men. You can contact me for this.


The Shamanic holistic massage

has its roots in the Kashmir tradition and is also known as the "yoga of touch". These roots have a broad bed and I therefore draw on all my knowledge. I give you a deeply healing massage, where trust, letting go and surrender are paramount.

It is a softly nourishing massage form in combination with a deepened breathing, which can induce a meditative state.

The body is touched on an intensely deep level. This allows you to listen to your actual needs, without having to act in the moment.

The fluidity of the dance of touch gives you the opportunity to experience everything that's being felt more and more subtly in order to be able to integrate these with your instinctive knowledge.

In complete safety I work with undivided attention in coordination with you, whereby respect, nurturing, being received and therefore healing are possible.


During this massage there is a lot of physical contact, consisting of slow, slow strokes, interspersed with short frictions, kneading, pressure, pulsing and stroking and I work with various energy fields and energy flows in and around the body. There is plenty of room for everything that wants to open in you. Resistance, shyness, fear, sadness, feelings of shame, but certainly also pleasure, enjoyment, rediscovered power and confirmation of your existence.

I support you physically, emotionally and spiritually from inner peace and surrender, so that you can relax, let go and restore and strengthen the connection with yourself or even rediscover parts of yourself.

For many people, this ritual of touch is an opportunity to open to practice safety and to relax in the feminine essence of Yin, to gain the experience that nothing has to be done to get back into the receptive Yin power. This is a road to profound transformation, because in our world the Yang energy is often at the forefront.

Perhaps unnecessarily, but I still call it that this massage does not include any sexual intent or actions.


Shamanic Soft Touch Dearmouring sessions using the Gaia method


During these sessions I work with great respect on supporting the body to make blockages and disrupted energy accessible again. The result is that we become more energetic and can support and let go of old patterns and injuries. I work in a gentle way, with sound, light, touch, breath and pressure points. During these sessions I can also use exercises for Psoas Release and EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques.

I work externally and, if necessary, also internally after proper consultation

This way of working fits very well with my shamanic approach in supporting our system on many levels.

Multiple sessions (3-5) are usually needed to experience profound changes, but the first session usually takes you to places that you had no or difficult access to.

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