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Massage opens the door to your heart and soul through the body 

I give Holistic massage and relaxation massage.



I give Holistic massages combined with Shamanic Healing, mostly to women. 

In some cases I work after consultation and if this is appropriate, also with men. You can contact me for this. 


This massage, also known as the "Yoga of Touch" is a deep healing massage, in which we work on trust, letting go and surrender. 

It is a gently nurturing massage form in combination with a deeper breathing, so that it can generate a meditative state. 

The whole body is touched at an intensely deep level, giving an invitation to listen to your real needs without having to act in the moment.


The fluidity of the dance of touch gives you the opportunity to observe your experiences more and more subtly and integrate them with your instinctive knowledge.


In complete safety I work with undivided attention in coordination with you, where respect, nurturing, receiving and thereby healing are possible.


During this massage there is a lot of physical contact, consisting of slow, lingering strokes, alternated with short rubbing caresses and I work with various energy fields and energy flows in and around the body. There is plenty of room for everything that wants to open in you. Resistance, shyness, fear, grief, feelings of shame, but also joy, pleasure, rediscovery and confirmation of your existence.


I support you physically, emotionally and spiritually from inner peace and surrender, so that you can relax, let go and re-establish and strengthen the connection with yourself or even rediscover parts of yourself.


I use high-quality organic oil and you can lie on a heated mattress. 


For many people this ritual of touching is an opportunity to practice to open in safety and to relax in the feminine essence, to gain the experience that nothing needs to be done to return to the receptive Yin force. This is a path to profound transformation.


Perhaps superfluously, but nevertheless I mention that this massage does not include any sexual intention or actions.

"Dear LilithMagdalena, so on this last day of 2016 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my being, my heart and I as a woman for the shamanic / holistic massages, combined with the shamanic healings that I have received from you in the past year. It is precisely through this combination that I have been able to surrender myself to this ritual and have progressed so much further in the deepening to myself. The safety, partly because you give this massage mainly to women, your wisdom as a shaman and your unconditional love in the process I have experienced as a great gift and I wish this to myself and everyone else. "

Greetings from my heart

Antoinette Heijmans, Oosterbeek

"Safe, loving, warm, complete, full, carried, cherished, seen, touched, surrendered ... These are the words that suit me for the Shamanic Holistic massage from LilithMagdalena. I felt that my little vulnerable girl, that girl who wanted to be seen and cherished, really needed some attention. I also knew immediately that I wanted to receive a massage from LilithMagdalena. The combination of soft, loving caresses in full presence where every millimeter of my body and soul was seen and touched with the shamanic healing by means of sound, singing and tone made me completely relaxed, could let everything be and sink all the way in my femininity, my softness and vulnerability. The complete loving presence of Lilith Magdalena makes surrender possible ... how nice !!! We have entered into a wonderfully intimate process together and I can recommend it to every woman who feels that she can be seen and touched in everything, in all her rawness, nudity, vulnerability, who want to enter or restore a process of deep connection with her Being....”

SvS, jan 2017


Duration of this massage: 90 minutes (including pre-talk)

Cost: 175 euros

Relaxation massage

For many women, the Shamanic Holistic massage is not what they are looking for or a step too early. Then women can come to me for an intuitive relaxation massage.

This massage form is characterized by my attunement to your body and can be given in case of physical and / or emotional stress, pain after sports (injuries) or due to chronic disorders, with increased muscle tension or PMS complaints.

This massage is also delicious to give yourself as a gift because it is so harmonizing. It works muscle relaxing and calming, promotes the blood circulation of the skin and the muscle layers underneath.

You are partially or completely undressed and lie on a comfortable massage table. I also use high-quality, organic massage oil with this massage. Depending on your situation I will use Arnica calendula or rose oil, but I can also opt for a neutral oil.


Duration of this massage: 60 minutes 

Costs: 95 euros


For making an appointment or more info:



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