Dragonfly Medicine Midwife of the Soul

I am committed to :


Fulfilling your highest potential

Loving in the deepest way

Bringing peace in your heart

Sharing unconditional love

Bringing silence to this scattered world

Bringing my deepest knowing without words

Bringing trust and healing to those who dwell in Spirit

Sharing the biggest pleasure to those who feel deprived

Bringing the energy of the Divine Feminine back in society

Healing ancestral wounding for those who are open to receiving my gifts

Inviting people to believe in themselves as Creators of their own Life

Bringing people around me in a state of deep trust in their capacity to change fear into love

Creating a community where people look at each other with the eyes of the Goddess

Seeing the beauty and potential in all living creation and awaken the feeling that the world is waiting for you

To step in and bring awareness that we are Divine Infinite Beings



My life is all about restoring the connections between Body and Soul. For this I use dance, ritual, meditation, touch and medicine plant rituals and ceremonies.

At the age of 14 I became acquainted with yoga, meditation and shamanism and I continued to practice this throughout my life. For the past 40 years I have studied Buddhism, kabbalah, esoteric Christianity, non-duality, classical and neo-tantra, anthroposophy, sexual healing and intimacy issues and working with plants as medicine.

I am deeply committed to the worldwide shamanic traditions.

In addition, my courses in nursing and HBO experience expertise within mental health care provide me with a good medical basis.

I have gained a great deal of insight into the working mechanisms associated with trauma.


In my practice I work as a shamanic healer and intimacy coach. My clearvoyance & clearhearing is a great support in the work I do.

I have been trained by traditional medicine people from almost all continents. I have undergone and received initiations and participated in many ceremonies where I can very well tune in into the energy fields.

I easily connect very deeply on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

During my bodywork sessions I work among other things with Deep Integration Massage, Soft Touch Dearmouring  and planetary tuning forks (phonophoresis method Hans Cousco).

I also use herbs and powerful tinctures, the medicine wheel, the forces of stones/crystals, trees and the elements, power animals, trance travels, medicine walk, soul retrieval, medicine dance and other rituals for saying goodbye to and reinforcing new phases.

To restore the feeling of safety and to support trust in the body and soul.I give sessions Concious Healing Bondage / BDSM, to both men and women,

I have a lot of experience in working with healing plants such as peyote, huachuma, ayuahasca, rapé, mapacho, truffles, medicinal cannabis and kambo.

Since 1990 I have deepened my experience and knowledge in classical and Neo-tantra including

classical non-dual Saiva tantra. Emotional bodywork, holotropic breathing, rebirthing. I am initiated as Sacred Pipe (Chanupa Wakan) carrier sweatlodge ceremony leader and as a Priestess of the White Well in Avalon

 Shadow Work Practioner and Ieach year i follow many extention trainings to support my work.

My work is extensive and profound

I bring my whole Being and knowledge as a medicine woman in individual sessions as in working with large groups. I am regularly active in Tantric Shamanic Temples to support, giving guidance on rituals, creating elixirs and serving plant medicine rituals.

As an intimacy coach I work in the field of Spiritual Sexuality to bring more awareness

in working with pleasure and vulnerability and everything that stops us from being able to fully express


I create individual Temple Spaces of at least 6 hours for men and women whereby I

contribute all my sensitivity and expertise.

You can book individual sessions with me but I also work with smaller and larger groups.

Mail limadragonfly@gmail.com Zutphen Netherlands shamanic healing consious sexuality bondage bdsm zutphen nederland netherlands lilithmagdalena plant medicijn plant medicine medicine dance ceremony ritueel soul voice soul retrieval sweatlodge zweethut deep integratiom bodywork massage tandava rape ayahasca peyote mapacho tabacco

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