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                                                               LIMA DEVI LIGHT 

I am committed to :

Fulfilling your highest potential

Loving in the deepest way

Bringing peace in your heart

Sharing unconditional love

Bringing silence to this scattered world

Bringing my deepest knowing without words

Bringing trust and healing to those who dwell in Spirit

Sharing the biggest pleasure to those who feel deprived

Bringing the energy of the Divine Feminine back in society

Healing ancestral wounding for those who are open to receiving my gifts

Inviting people to believe in themselves as Creators of their own Life

Bringing people around me in a state of deep trust in their capacity to change fear into love

Creating a community where people look at each other with the eyes of the Goddess

Seeing the beauty and potential in all living creation and awaken the feeling that the world is waiting for you

To step in and bring awareness that we are Divine Infinite Beings




LilithMagdalena is an inborn shaman with ancestral background / transmission and a worldwide respected teacher healer.

Since her childhood she actively practicing yoga, meditation and shamanic healing arts, using dance, ritual, meditation, touch and medicine plant and all forms of rituals/ceremonies.

As a Cosmic Lightworker, Light frequencies have her greatest attention and appear to be the most powerful medicine.

She has been trained over the years by traditional medicine people from almost all continents and has experienced initiations and initiations and participated in many ceremonies.

She is clairvoyant and able to quick and easy connect on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

During the bodywork sessions she works with Cosmic Light and Deep Integration Soft touch Dearmouring,

planetary tuning forks (phonophoresis method Hans Cousco), herbs and powerful tinctures. She has years of experience with healing plants such as peyote, huachuma, ayuahasca, rapé, mapacho, truffles, medicinal cannabis and kambo ..

Shamanicly she works with Cosmic Light, the medicine wheel, the powers of stones, trees and the elements, power animals, trance trips, medicine walk, soul retrieval, medicine dance and other rituals for parting and empowering a new phase.

In addition, LilithMagdalena was initiated in Sacred Pipe and Sweatlodge ceremonies, which she for many years provide in small and large groups.

She is initiated as a Priestess of the White Well in Glastonbury and Shadow work Practioner.

She is a Birth and Death counselor in which she guides the processes associated with the transitions within these border areas and one of her specialties is ancestral cleaning and healing sessions.


LilithMagdalena is a certified nurse and as a mental health expert she has a lot experitse in the mechanisms in relation to (sexual violence and early childhood) trauma problems.

She gives worldwide individual sessions, teachings and workshops for small and large groups, and she can also be consulted for long distance healings.


The life and work of LilithMagdalena is dedicated to restore the connections between body and Soul.


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