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Profound Shamanic Healing

I work intuitively during the sessions 

In a preliminary interview, we determine the subject you want to work on. We look for the background and your specific  wishes and will  "listen" to what resonates in the silence between your words.

I work with personal Spirit guides and power animals

during a process of transformation and healing, through voice healing, phonophoresis (Planetary tuning forks), aura reading and healing, stones, herbs, plants and trees, landscape and ancestral work.

Serving Individual and group sessions with plant medicines, elixirs and tinctures.

I work on on location to clean houses and spaces from unwanted energies

and serve powerful longdistance healing worldwide.

During the sessions I work in many dimensions and energy fields, so you may find renewed harmony and balance The work is not done by me, there is always a giver, a receiver and the Divine Infinite needed for change and healing. I just open and create the space within this can happen.



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