The sweatlodge traditions are centuries-old and spread across the various continents worldwide. The intentions with which people have had a sweat lodge ceremony since remembrance are usually related to physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing.


The ceremony is characterized by simplicity, coming together in an earth-dark, dome-shaped hut, so that stimuli are muted from the outside and space is created to go deeper inside.


In the hut, during several rounds, heated stones are brought into the fire, causing the temperature to rise. There will be sung, prayed, shared and silently listened to what the stones and Spirits bring to wisdom.


The ceremony has many ways, each people has its traditions and within that people every water-pourer has his or her own stamp.


I was educated in the traditional Lakota tradition, but I have learned from many water-pourers from other traditions and I am now going my own way.


My way of working is soft, but powerful. I have great faith in the Wisdom of the Spirits so that I am as less steering as possible.


In the silence the most is audible ...


Contact:  via  abeellilithmagdalena@gmail.com  







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