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Maghdalena is a worldwide aknowledged shaman and spiritual healer/teacher. She guided thousands of people through ceremonies and initiations.

She is gifted and high sensitive ( clairsentient, -seeing, -hearing ) and able to connect easy, quick and deep with physical, emotional and spiritual realms and is a creator of powerful healing tinctures. 

She is practicing yoga, meditation and shamanic healing arts since she was very young. Healing frequencies are the most powerful medicine she work with. 

She guides Infinite Awareness living and Yin embodiment sessions with loving attention (dance, yoga, meditation, touch
She is available for individual sessions, lectures and workshops on location worldwide

and she is also available for online longdistance guidance & healings


Offerings on request 

~Infinite Awareness Living (meditation and coaching )
~Spiritual Birth and Death process support (Doula)
~Shamanic Energyhealing & Clearing energyfields humans, animals and spaces like houses, schools, hospital areas of densities and unwanted entities
~Sweatlodge Ceremonies & Vision Quest , Soulretrieval, Trance Travelling
~Medicine plant rituals, creator of elixers and tinctures for healing and support, initiations and closing rituals 
~Feminine Yin embodiment sessions for transformation and healing traject (Coaching & Soft Touch Gaia method Belly Breasts Pelvic and Yoni massages and soft touch dearmouring Initiations Yonisteam & yoni egg practices
Blessing rituals for integration of Body ,Soul and Spirit and Wombblessing Munay Ki 13 rite )
Certified Nurse A training 
HBO mental health expert GGZ ,Trauma informed and specialized in early childhood abuse and Cptss,eating disorders, sexual abuse
Guiding therapeutic sharing groups 
Teacher Healing & Recovery  to health workers in training Mbo and Hbo Arnhem Nijmegen Zwolle 
Teacher staffmembers in hospitals and mental health clinics 
Since1980 practicioner of yoga and meditation,
Since 1988 started education in Sexual & emotional bodywork, Kinesiology, Planetary frequentie fonoforese by H Cousto, 
rebirthing & Shamanic breathwork, Dearmour and massage therapy 
~Serving womens circles Moon Lodge & Red Tent
~School for Shamanism with specialization sweatlodge & Holy Pipe Carrier, 
~Ceremonial firekeeper, Vision Quest Guide,
~Initiated Priestess of White Well in Glastonbury
~Experienced in plantmedicine ceremonies, San pedro ,Blue Lotus, Ceremonial Cacao, Sananga  Huachuma, Hapé, Peyote, American Church ,Magic Truffels, Santa maria, Mapacho, Ayahuasca
~Soul Voice & Shamanic Voice healing 
~Shamanic holistic breathwork practice
~Soul Voice shamanic healing by Karina Schelde 
~Ruach -The breath of the Divine Feminine by Trancemedium and shamanca Orna Ralston
~Gaia Method soft touch body dearmouring  
~Spiritual Doula for women during pregnacy and labour 
~Closing the Bones Rebozo ritual 
~13th Munay Ki wombblessing 
~Tantric Kashmir Massage
~Belly and Breast massage 
~pregnancy & Maternaty Massage 
~Natural Breastfeeding councelor
~Professore di Biodanza 4 year training 
~Teacher specialisations:
Tree of Desires (France), Profound Feminine and Masculine Identity (Portugal), 

The Poetry of Instinct 4 Animals & 4 Elements (Netherlands), Afro Brasilian God & Godesses (Portugal),

Continuined Learning (Portugal), Speaking in Biodanza (by Helene Benseft ),   

Identity and Self-esteem (Netherlands),  Biodanza and Mental health, Psycho-somatics and Social inclusion (Spain)

Biodanza and Shamanism Germany

IBF Didactic Biodanza teachertraining first module in Italy 


Honouring my teachers 

I am extremly grateful for all lessons i received from the many very aknowledgeable teachers i met during my life. 
Some over years of live transmissions, others through spiritual energy transmissions. With deep gratitute and utmost care will i carry on what is appropriate in the
tradition i was trained and raised in, knowing that learning never ends 
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