The Healing Grounds are calling

The time has come, to sweat and meditate ... to release and rejuvenate ... to let go and to take in ... to birth the new you !!
Welcome to the high vibrational being of the Healing grounds. This invitation is for all who feel the call to actively support the creation of the New Earth .
The ceremony of the Healing Sweatlodge is a manifestation of Unity with all living beings and all frequencies we all are connected with since the beginning of times.
The reconnection with Source energy will strenghten your power to fulfill the purpose you have taken upon you at this time of your life.
To release all that no longer serves you and to connect with the Divine .
It will change everything ... on a choice only you can make !!

For yourself and for all your relations ...

We will work this day also with an extended Stone ceremony and the Infinite Awareness Meditation. Ofcourse we will also invite the wisdom of the plant medicine in the most delicate way.

When: 15 may

Time : 9.00 - 21.00

Where : Ceremonial grounds in the East of the Netherlands 30 minutes from Zutphen

Exchange: 111 euro for 1 ceremonial day 

We are well-known for our personal caretaking before, during, and after the ceremony.

Who will serve these days  ?

Lima Devi (Dragonfly) is a Medicine woman who walks the Shamanic Path since childhood. She is initiated in many ancient traditions and rituals and is a wellknown teacher and healer worldwide, who connects the Infinite frequencies with ancient Shamanic wisdom. She serves in the field of meditation and Yin embodiment ... the flow of ritual plant-medicine, intimate relating & sacred sexuality, medicine dance-rituals, and she is an expert in the birth and death processes and ancestral  healing
...a true midwive of the Soul ...

Sain Infini is a sadhak from the South of India, with more than 20 years of deep meditation experience. He lived for years in traditional ashrams in the Himalayas and is the initiator of the Infinite Awareness Meditation. Other areas he is specialised in are Vipassana, Yoga, Nature Cure & Natural Hygiëne, and Pranic Living & Healing. He is serving the people he meets all around the world and together with Lima he brings ancient knowledge into new practice.

We always work with a dedicated team of assistants and ceremonial fire people

Do you feel you want to join ?
PM me for more information and subscribing