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The Infinite Awareness Meditation
 Hiranyagarbha - The Source of creation of the Universe

Infini and I serve weekly a online guided Infinite Awareness meditation in the Golden Womb group.
This group is grounded in 2020 as a support and healinggroup for one of the groupmembers who's daughter was confronted with giving birth to a beautiful babygirl who died in the womb.
The Golden Womb meditation group was born 1 year after Infini and Lima got the vision about it in their shared meditations in India.
Initiated as a healing group it evolved as a Cosmic Manifesting group. Where you focus on your highest  potential 
We invite you in if you want to deepen in your daily life the practice of tapping in to the meditative state of Being.
And by doing that to solve a lot of disturbences and blockages that can come up in your daily life ..
For what should you do that ?
To live a more integrated and grounded life so your Soul longing to change the old narritives wil become the New.

Every meditation is a direct channeling of the practice and therefore a living transmission which is continously evolving.
We work via Google Meet. The meditation is a guided channeled meditation which intention is to increase our attention and awareness in daily life.
With the aim of feeling and permanently experiencing the Oneness, Universal Unity in everything.
It is fitting for all ages, gender and backgrounds.
The base is Vipassana and the Yoga of the Immortals. Infini has an Indian background and has been directly involved in this form of meditation as a deep meditator for over 20 years. I myself have been practicing meditation almost my whole life and this particular meditation now for 2.5 years on a daily basis.
An introductory session is first given and if you want to delve further, there is the possibility to attend the sessions.
We give sessions in English and Dutch.
 Sometimes (once a year) we come together to practice in a live setting.

~We serve this group for free,
but every donation as dana is very much appriciated. ~



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