The Infinite Awareness Meditation 

- The Golden womb (Hiraṇyagarbha)
Source of creation of the Universe

We serve weekly a guided Infinite Awareness meditation in the Golden Womb group.
This group is an initiative of Lima and Infini.

Grounded in 2020 as a support for a groupmember of the abundance group, who's daughter was confronted with giving birth to a beautiful babygirl that died in the womb.
The Golden Womb meditation group was born 1 year after Infini and Lima got the vision about it in their shared meditations in India.
Initiated as a healing group it evolved as a Cosmic Manifesting group. Where you focus on your highest  potential which is the Infinite.

We invite you in if you want to deepen in your daily life the practice of tapping in to the meditative state of Being.
And by doing that to solve a lot of disturbences and blockages that can come up in your daily life ..
For what should you do that ?
To live a more integrated and grounded life so your Soul longing to change the old narritives wil become the New.

Every meditation is a direct channeling of the practice and therefore a living transmission which is continously evolving.

We work via Google Meet. The meditation is a guided channeled meditation which intention is to increase our attention and awareness in daily life.

With the aim of feeling and permanently experiencing the Oneness, Universal Unity in everything.

It is fitting for all ages, gender and backgrounds.

The base is Vipassana and the Yoga of the Immortals. Infini has an Indian background and has been directly involved in this form of meditation as a deep meditator for over 20 years. I myself have been practicing meditation almost my whole life and this particular meditation now for 2.5 years on a daily basis.


An introductory session is first given and if you want to delve further, there is the possibility to attend the sessions.

We give sessions in English and Dutch.

 Sometimes (once a year) we come together to practice in a live setting.

~We serve this group for free,

but every donation is very much appriciated. ~

The Healing Grounds are calling


Sweatlodge Intensive into the night 17 -18 september 2022

Earth Body  & Infinite Light Being

A high vibrational ceremonial weekend to embody more and more your Earth Being and to awaken your spiritual Lightbody.
Living and loving your life ...Dancing and meditating towards Freedom

A 2 days ceremonial weekend to purify and celebrate your body, mind & emotions and to (re)connect deeper with your Light essence.
A beautiful summer weekend close to nature and working with Spirit and the elemental world. We will invite the Dance and plantwisdom & the Infinite Awareness Meditation as our Medicine & Guides

The lodge will be a evening /nightlodge on saturday.
Do you feel a YES  !!   
pm me as soon as you feel into it so we can begin the process straightaway

Sleeping is dormstyle or camping in your own tent. You can arrive even the night before or stay 1 night after the ceremony.
Location: in the beautiful, lucious countryside of the Achterhoek in Gelderland
Good available with public transport or carpooling

Costs : 275 euro and extra night 10 euro 

We will work this day also with an extended Stone ceremony and the Infinite Awareness Meditation. Ofcourse we will also invite the wisdom of the plant medicine in the most delicate way.

When: 17 -18 september 

Start Time : saturday 9.00  till sunday 13 uur 

Where : Ceremonial grounds in the East of the Netherlands 30 minutes from Zutphen
Exchange: 275 euro
We are well-known for our personal caretaking before, during, and after the ceremony.

Who will serve these days  ?

Lima Devi (Dragonfly) is a Medicine woman who walks the Shamanic Path since childhood. She is initiated in many ancient traditions and rituals and is a wellknown teacher and healer worldwide, who connects the Infinite frequencies with ancient Shamanic wisdom. She serves in the field of meditation and Yin embodiment ... the flow of ritual plant-medicine, intimate relating & sacred sexuality, medicine dance-rituals, and she is an expert in the birth and death processes and ancestral  healing
...a true midwive of the Soul ...

Sain Infini is a sadhak from the South of India, with more than 20 years of deep meditation experience. He lived for years in traditional ashrams in the Himalayas and is the initiator of the Infinite Awareness Meditation. Other areas he is specialised in are Vipassana, Yoga, Nature Cure & Natural Hygiëne, and Pranic Living & Healing. He is serving the people he meets all around the world and together with Lima he brings ancient knowledge into new practice.

We always work with a dedicated team of assistants and ceremonial fire people

Do you feel you want to join ?
PM me for more information and subscribing